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1.  The total current in a circuit that has a voltage of 12 V and a resistance of 24 W is ________ A.

2.  The total resistance of a series circuit with resistors of the following values: R1 = 10 W, R2 = 15 W, and R3 = 20 W is _______ W.

3.  The voltage for a series circuit that has a current of 0.5 A and a resistance of 60 W is ________ V.

4.  The total resistance of a parallel circuit that has four 20 W resistors is ________ W.

5.  In a parallel circuit with two resistors of equal value and a total current flow of 12 A, the current through each resistor is ________ A.

6.  For a DC circuit with a voltage of 24 V and a current of 5 A, the power is ________ W.

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