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  • 1. Introduction to Networking
    • 1.2 Industrial Network Protocols
    • 1.3 Process Automation Protocols
    • 1.4 Industrial control system protocols
    • 1.5 Building automation protocols
    • 1.6 Power system automation protocols
    • 1.7 Automatic meter reading protocols
    • 1.8 Automobile / Vehicle protocol, buses
    • 1.9 The Most Popular Industrial Network Protocols
    • 1.10 List of Communication Protocol Articles
    • 1.11 Industrial Ethernet
  • 2. Wi-Fi
    • 2.1 Introduction to Wi-Fi
    • 2.2 IEEE 802.11 Standard
    • 2.3 Wi-Fi ad hoc versus Wi-Fi direct
    • 2.4 Standard WiFi Devices

PLC network is a TCP/IP protocol communication that is embedded into the hardware. Remote access to PLC connected to the network allows to access PLC memory structure to see all internal and external I/Os as well as internal coils and registers. Student of the Downtime Reduction School will learn how to use a tablet or a smart phone to see all faults and alarms when they occur. Communication to the PLC is done through WiFi setting of the tablet or phone. A additional WEB server module, internal or external, will be required in order to create alarm and fault screen and display them on  the table or smart phone by running an Internet browser.

You will learn how to use a WEB server and HTML to develop alarm and fault screens. In addition, you will learn how to develop screen graphics for displaying any part of a control system in place. By adding animation to parts of the system you will be able to see any part of it at fault when it’s blinking.

The images below shows an Internet browser screens for control and monitoring of a 180 MW wind farm located in Texas:

Course Curriculum

Networking and WiFi
Networking and WiFi FREE 00:00:00
Fiber Optics
Fiber Optics 00:00:00
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