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Faults detection and alarms display is the main part of Downtime Reduction School training. This is crush course and a main part of the Downtime Reduction Methodology. From the image above you can a control system room with HMI and SCADA screens. The top screen displays a process, all components and devices, as well as their states. An actual graphic style and color are taken from DCS — Distributed Control System. Students will learn how to properly display different element of the process and instrumentation screen.


1, Introduction to Faults and Alarms

1.1 General Observation

1.2 Several rules about faults detection and alarms display

1.3 Fault handler program

2. Major Faults

2.1 Clear a major fault during prescan

2.2 Test a fault routine

2.3 Jump to the fault routine

2.4 Create a user-defined major fault

2.5 Major fault codes

3. Minor Faults

3.1 Identify minor faults

3.2 Minor Fault Examples

3.3 Minor fault codes

4. I/O Fault Codes

4.1 Indications of I/O Faults

4.2 I/O Fault Codes

5. Alarms

5.1 Alarms Classification

5.2 Alarm Engineering

5.3 Siemens PLS7 Control System

5.4 Signalling Systems

5.5 Alarms and Indications

5.6 Alarms Processing by the Operator

5.7 Representation

5.8 Step by Step instruction on Sample Programming

Course Curriculum

Faults and Alarms
Faults and Alarms 00:00:00



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