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Electrical Fundamentals is the beginning of the knowledge base known as Electrical Engineering. This is the Electrical Engineering industry. It includes electrics, electronics, radio frequency, microwave, satellite, and digital and analogue communication, as well as power generation and transmission, process control, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer engineering, and many more. In general, the science of electrical engineering includes the largest number of numerous physical principles, effects, and phenomena. of over 5,500.

Electrical Fundamentals

                                                                                               Studying is a process of learning. Learning is the result of studying.     

                                                                                                              Emil Sagal, PhD, P.Eng,

Learning science starts with understanding of its principles, effects and phenomena. You will be learning the basics of many components of electrical engineering such as: electric charge, direct and alternating electric current and voltage, magnetic flux, power, capacitance and inductance, propagation of signals, digital and analogue communication, and many other. The following table of content shows some of the main components of electrical fundamentals you will be learning here:

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Electrical Fundamentals Details FREE 00:30:00
This is an introduction to Electrical Fundamentals course
Conductors and Insulators.
Conductors and Insulators. Details FREE 00:30:00
Conductors and Insulators Quiz 00:15:00
Current, Voltage, and Resistance
Current, Voltage & Resistance Unit Details FREE 00:00:00
Current, Voltage & Resistance Quiz 00:00:00
Ohm’s Law
Ohm’s Law Unit Details FREE 00:00:00
Alternating Current
Alternating Current Unit Details FREE 00:00:00
Alternating Current Quiz 00:00:00
DC Circuits
DC Circuits Details FREE 00:00:00
DC Circuits Quiz 00:00:00
Magnetism Unit Details FREE 00:00:00
Magnetism Quiz 00:00:00
Inductance and Capacitance
Inductance and Capacitance Details FREE 00:00:00
Inductance and Capacitance Quiz 00:00:00
Reactance and Impedance
Reactance and Impedance Quiz 00:00:00
Transformers Unit Details FREE 00:00:00
Transformers Quiz 00:00:00
Power and Power Factor
Power and Power Factor Details FREE 00:00:00
Power and Power Factor Quiz 00:00:00
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