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6-in-1 Course

This certified course is offered by Downtime Reduction Academy for all students who either have taken our basic engineering course or have a prior study in one of the following disciplines: Automation, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronics, Instrumentation, Process Control.

BECOME PLC/HMI/SCADA TECHNICIAN is one of three 6-in-1 combined industrial automation courses. Student, who wish to become Certified PLC Technician, should first have taken the course called Become Process Control Technician, which is a prerequisite to this course. A complete list of all units for this 6-in-1 combined course are listed below.  You will be learning every unit and taking every quiz attached. All your answers will be recorded by the LMS (Learning Management System) and all your marks will be tabulated towards your final exam at the end of your study.

The following individual courses and units are included into this certified package:

      1. PLC Hardware & Software
      2. Programming Tools
      3. Programming Methods
      4. Programming PLC
      5. HMI Graphics & WEB
      6. SCADA Programming


Every unit has a quiz that you need to take. You will be studying and learning all by yourself. Upon finishing the study, you will be taking a “close book” exam. Upon getting over 75% correct answers you will get a certificate of PLC/HMI/SCADA Technician specifying that you have completed theoretical part of the PLC/HMI/SCADA Programming and Graphics Design and you are ready to get a hands-on practical experience along with all outlined courses above.

All course materials consist of slide show presentations and videos with explanation and thorough discussion of all main points of each topic.

Below are the course topics and course units you will be studying and learning:




PLC H/W & S/W 1.0 Introduction to PLC Hardware & Software

  • 1.1 PLC Makes, PLC Types and Specs
  • 1.2 AB, Siemens, Schneider, GE, Omron, etc.

2.0 Chassis and Cards, Remote Chassis
3.0 Scan time, clock, system bits
4.0 PLC H/W Security
5.0 PLC CPU, Memory Storage
6.0 Communication and Networking
7.0 S/W Compatibility
8.0 Programming Examples


PROGRAMMING  TOOLS 1.0  Introduction to Programming Tools
2.0 Toolbox

  • 2.1 Hardware
  • 2.2 Software

4.0 Office 2016
5.0 PLC Literature
6.0 Remote Access
7.0 PLC Laptops and External Hard Drive

PROGRAMMING METHODS 1.0 Introduction to Programming Methods

  • 1.1 Programming Languages

2.0  Gate Logic (BL) – Boolean Logic

  • 2.1 Benefits of using Gate Logic
  • 2.2 Practical Exercise

3.0 Sequential Function Chart

  • 3.1 Machine Control Terminology

4.0 Ladder Logic (LD)

  • 4.1 Ladder Logic Representation
  • 4.2 Basic Ladder Symbols, Ladder Rung
  • 4.3 Logic Functions
  • 4.4 Entering Programs

5.0 Structured Text (ST)

  • 6.0 Instruction List (IL)
  • 6.1 Beckhoff TwinCat

7.0 Function Block Diagram (FBD)

  • 7.1 FBD Terminology
  • 7.2 FBD Components

8.0 Statement List (STL)


PROGRAMMING PLC 1.0 Introduction to Programming PLC

  • 1.1  Control System? What is it?
  • 1.2  PLC-based Control Systems
  • 1.3  The Role of PLC

2.0  Input Devices
3.0  Output Devices
4.0  What is a Programmable Controller
5.0   Scan Time
6.0   PLC Electrical Wiring
7.0   PLC Programming Design Stage

  • 7.1 PLC Programming is Art
  • 7.2 PLC Programming Samples

  • 1.1  Introduction to HMI Graphics
  • 1.2  Interface Design
  • 1.3  Quality
  • 1.4  Principle of least astonishment
  • 1.5  Habit Formation
  • 1.6  Interface Classification

2.   PLC Programming Software

  • 2.1 Allen-Bradley HMI Programming S/W
  • 2.2 Siemens WinCC HMI Programming S/W
  • 2.3 Schneider Vijeo HMI Programming S/W
  • 2.4 Omron Cx One HMI Programming S/W

3. WEB Design

  • 3.1  Introduction
  • 3.2  What is WEB?
  • 3.3  What is WEB Server?
  • 3.4  What is Application Server?
  • 3.5  What is WEB Client?
  • 3.6  What is WEB HMI?

4. HTML5 Programming Language

  • 4.1 Introduction
  • 4.2 HTML5 Document Structure Example
  • 4.3 Attributes
  • 4.4 The <input> Element in HTML5
  • 4.5 HTML5 Date & Time
SCADA PROGRAMMING 1.0  Introduction to SCADA Programming

  • 1.1 SCADA Explained
  • 1.2 Basic SCADA Architecture
  • 1.3 Who Uses SCADA?
  • 1.4 Ignition HMI/SCADA Architecture

2. Rockwell Automation SCADA
3. Siemens Automation SCADA
4. Schneider Electric SCADA
5. Omron SCADA
6. GE Digital SCADA
7. Mitsubishi Electric SCADA
8. Panasonic SCADA
9. SCADA Software & Literature

  • 9.1 Allen-Bradley SCADA
  • 9.2 Siemens SCADA
  • 9.3 Schneider Electric SCADA
  • 9.4 Omron SCADA
  • 9.5 GE Digital SCADA
  • 9.6 Mitsubishi SCADA
  • 9.7 Panasonic SCADA





      By your own email

Application will be sent to you

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  • Course duration:                           6-8 hours (classroom), 4-6 weeks (home study)

    Hands-on practice:                       6-8 hours (classroom)

    Final exam duration 3 hours    (closed book, multiple choice)

Automation courses at customer location

    • Please note that this certified course, Become PLC/HMI/SCADA Technician,  is also offered to a maintenance/production crew and it will run at the customer site.
    • For all interested parties please refer to Downtime Reduction School curriculum, course duration, and cost.


*    Initial registration is required for us to select dates and location of the course prior to giving you that information.

** Course registration with prepayment will be required upon the acceptance of your application by the School or Academy.

*   Please register using this contact page here by filling all required information and name of the course your want to take. Methods of paying is by PayPal, eTransfer, or cash. Image of the certificate is shown here:

Course Curriculum

PLC Hardware and Software
PLC Hardware and Software Details FREE 00:35:00
Introduction to PLC type and PLC makes
Programming Tools
Programming Tools Details FREE 00:00:00
Programming Methods
Programming Methods Details FREE 00:00:00
Programming PLC
Programming PLC Details FREE 00:00:00
PLC HMI Graphics & WEB
HMI Graphics Details 00:00:00
SCADA Programming
SCADA Programming Details FREE 00:00:00
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