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About Us

Our Approach

Downtime Reduction Academy was evolving from a regular PLC programming while training hundreds of industrial electricians, process control, and instrumentation technicians. A new way of teaching PLC programming by using gate (Boolean) logic helps reduce learning curve of maintenance crew and speeding up their learning progress.

Our Story

Out team has a long history of successful industrial projects in North America and Europe, as shown on the bottom of the home page of  the  Each time when project is over and one or more control system have been designed and built, every one of our team spent days and weeks for training and educating the present and a future maintenance personnel. Our experience in teaching and training has become the main core of the Academy.

Our methods

We are aware of the present trend in the modern technology, such as computer science, industrial electronics, communication, networking, programming languages, PLC/HMI and SCADA hardware and software. This trend goes hand-to-hand with the present microprocessors and memory-chip development, electronics, new sensors, as well as new engineering protocols, new production practices, and new standards. Our team is always at the front row of new products and new technologies.

Meet the Team

Our team members have something in common. It is an Automation Industry, the place where each one of us spent many years in systems integration by solving myriads of industrial problems, and, which is the most important part of us — make things happen!

Emil Sagal, P.Eng.

Founder & CEO

Next Steps…

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