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With the vast knowledge and experience in all facets of industrial automation, our team is ready to solve your immediate downtime problems by dramatically reducing unexpected outages and save money. Also, we are front-runners in the latest plant modernization products and technologies, training, and support.

This is mobile-style technical school, which will be offered at the location of your work, your production floor, your manufacturing plant, your engineering office, or maintenance department facility. We offer crash courses on several subjects needed for your success in taking your company into 21st century.

You can place an order on practically any automation hardware or software you might need for your next scheduled upgrades, improvements and modifications. In addition, we provide training on the hardware and software installation, configuration, programming, and communication. Our service goes beyond our products sales. We also offer continuous support to all hardware and software we sold to you or installed by offering Remote Help Desk operating 24/7/365.

Please call (647) 875-7691.

When you personally or your company management decided to upgrade your knowledge on specific products, hardware or software, you can join this Academy. By learning engineering subjects online you are not restricted to be in front of the computer all the time. You can study new industrial automation disciplines or update your present knowledge in a very short time by taking our 18 crush course.

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Talk to us and we will be happy to answer any of your technical questions and solve many of your production problems:

(647) 875-7691

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